Cows Ranching for Fun and Profit?

Any FWFers with involvement in either substantial scale cultivating or farming?

e3f463ef811852fa13e20e5bacd8b4b5I’m keen on obtaining a dairy cattle farm in the western United States; not currently, but rather inside the following ten years. I’ve invested loads of energy out west and have lived in Colorado and Wyoming however never in a farming domain. I’d like to purchase a farm and pursue it full-efficient up enough cash to get going throughout the following 8-10 years.

How can somebody break into something like this? I feel like most farms are passed on starting with one era then onto the next however there must be an approach to soften up. One conceivable thought I had was attempting to build up a specialty inside the domesticated animals industry – like Ted Turner’s Bison group. How could a man approach picking up involvement in a zone like this outside of working at a farm as a farm hand? I’m a legal advisor so I can take in substantial income throughout the following decade and after that move it into this attempt however I’d like to take in more about it now. Would it be conceivable to become a close acquaintence with a farmer and volunteer to work at his farm intermittently to see how things function (or would I simply act as a burden)?Longhorn

squeezechuteheifer_000At long last, financing. Any imaginative plans/benefit sharing thoughts regarding how to buy a farm without selling it 95%? In the event that I could think of $250K down, for instance, despite everything i’d require a fairly substantial home loan to get the property. On the other hand is the business standard something like 30% down and I have to set my funds targets significantly higher?

I understand this thought is totally insane yet I thought the aggregate FWF people group may have some smart thoughts and/or think of things I haven’t considered yet. Furthermore, this is in any event in the same class as a BBB string.